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4 Crucial Electrical Repairs For Home Safety

by Theresa Burke

It is hard to imagine life without electrical power, such that it is often overlooked and forgotten until there is an outage or electrical incident. A well-designed, installed, and maintained residential electrical circuit will rarely have problems. But no system is unbreakable; fuses get old, wires become loose, and control panels can become outdated. You will need electrical repairs at one time or another. What are some of the common electrical repairs that you should prioritize in your home?

Secure Loose Switches and Outlets

The power outlet is the ultimate contact point with the electrical circuit in a home. Power outlets and their switches become loose with time, especially when they see high use. For example, the outlet where the electric kettle plugs in sees a lot of cycles in the cold season.

Securing loose outlets and switches is a crucial task when doing electrical system repairs because of the hazards they possess. Loose power outlets and switches can cause power shorts, sparking, and arcing, which are high risks for electrical fires. You must secure these units ASAP when they become loose.

Replace Missing Cover Plates and Junction Boxes

Missing cover plates and open junction boxes pose grave hazards because of exposed wires, which can cause electrical shocks and fires. Open junction boxes often happen when there are rushed electrical jobs.

Replacing cover plates and junction box covers should be a priority because of the unintentional hazards they cause. This is more true for homes with children and mentally disabled persons who may not be aware of the danger of playing with exposed wires.

GFCI Outlet Repair

The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) mechanism serves as protection against faults in the electrical system. It is used in power outlets in damp and moist places like the kitchen. The GFCI automatically disables and prevents electrical shocks.

A GFCI outlet becomes useless in preventive abilities when it blows. But it will still pass power, which makes it hazardous. Therefore, you must replace a GFCI outlet ASAP during electrical repairs to prevent electrical shocks.

Control Panel Repairs and Configurations

The control panel holds the power distribution system in the home, enabling different appliances and gadgets to work from the highest to the lowest, from the HVAC to a light bulb. An overload will cause a fuse to blow at the control panel. You must also reconfigure the control panel when you add an appliance with heavy power demand, for example, an HVAC unit. Electrical repairs must include an inspection and repair of components in this panel.

Is the electrical circuit in your home not working as expected? Talk to an electrician about electrical system repairs to promote home safety.