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A Flood Could Cause Extensive Damage To Your Home's Electrical System

by Theresa Burke

Whether your home is flooded by a rising creek or a burst water pipe, you could have extensive damage to repair. The water can even damage your home's electrical system, and that makes it harder to dry out your house when your power is out. Once all the water is removed and your home is dry, call an electrician to check your electrical system and make repairs where needed. Here's how an electrician can help you after a flood.

Start With Safety Assessments

Don't attempt to go in your home when it has standing water or when carpets are sloshy until the utility company or electrician has disconnected the power going to your electrical panel. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity and the power needs to stay off until an electrician deems it safe to turn it back on.

As long as the power is off, you can remove water from your home and try to salvage belongings. If you call in a water damage restoration company, they may even use generators to pull water from your house so it dries out faster. Once your house is dry, the electrician can begin work so further restoration is easier.

Replace Outlets And Wiring

The electrical repairs needed depend on how deep the water was in your house. Any electrical materials that were underwater should be replaced. This may include outlets and wiring. There's a good chance you'll have to replace the drywall in your home too. Once the drywall is down, the electrician can inspect all the wiring more easily and can tell what all has to be replaced.

Consider Rewiring The Home

If all the outlets need to be replaced along with wiring attached to them, the electrician may recommend replacing all the wiring. One reason to consider this is because of rust or mold that could possibly develop around switches and upper outlets due to the excess humidity in the house for an extended time.

Even wiring that passes testing may need to be removed since water can damage the wiring insulation and increase the risk of a fire. If the floodwater came from outdoors, it could be contaminated. In that case, old wiring has to be removed just like other contaminated items in your home.

If your home was flooded to the roof, then you'll need a new electrical system including a new panel. The need to rewire your entire house depends on how deep the water was and whether the water was from a dirty source or from a drinking water pipe.

Test Appliances

If your appliances were affected by a small amount of water, you may be tempted to clean them and save them. However, it's often best to throw the appliances out and get new ones. If you try to save your appliances, let an electrician check them before you plug them back in the wall and only keep them if an electrician says it's safe to do so.

If you've suffered a flood, reach out to a professional for electrical solutions