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  • 3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Pushmatic Breaker Panels

    25 April 2022

    How much do you know about your home's electrical panel? Most people know that older homes used fuse boxes in place of breaker panels, but fewer realize that breaker panels have also gone through several iterations. Any Pushmatic panel still in service is likely to be many decades old, as this design was most common when many residential buildings still used fuse panels instead of breakers. These panels are relatively distinctive since their method of operation differs substantially from modern designs.

  • 4 Crucial Electrical Repairs For Home Safety

    5 November 2021

    It is hard to imagine life without electrical power, such that it is often overlooked and forgotten until there is an outage or electrical incident. A well-designed, installed, and maintained residential electrical circuit will rarely have problems. But no system is unbreakable; fuses get old, wires become loose, and control panels can become outdated. You will need electrical repairs at one time or another. What are some of the common electrical repairs that you should prioritize in your home?

  • A Flood Could Cause Extensive Damage To Your Home's Electrical System

    8 July 2021

    Whether your home is flooded by a rising creek or a burst water pipe, you could have extensive damage to repair. The water can even damage your home's electrical system, and that makes it harder to dry out your house when your power is out. Once all the water is removed and your home is dry, call an electrician to check your electrical system and make repairs where needed. Here's how an electrician can help you after a flood.